Autolock Bottom Boxes
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Autolock Bottom Boxes

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Autolock Bottom Boxes
Cheap & Delivered

Autolock Bottom Boxes


Just like there are developments in any other industry there has also been developments in the box making industry to make the lives of the customers easier. An autolock bottom box is a box which is easy to assemble as you just apply force from the side and the snap lock bottom boxes pop into place. If you want a custom autolock bottom box then you can avail the options getting it in any size you want, any color, any shape and most of all any finish. If you want to super protect your box from any type of damage then get it embossed, if you want your box to stand out then get it gold foiled or heat stamped with the company logo.

Why choose us?

Being the pioneers of packaging box manufacturing we know all the do’s and don’ts when it comes to box making that is why all our boxes are of the best quality and they meet all the guidelines. Our packaging boxes are both durable and they protect your product from all kinds of environmental and shape damage, so your product is the same as it was when it left your factory.

What we can do for you?

Our state of the art facility with the latest machinery is capable of cutting boxes to exact dimensions while our printers use the highest quality ink to ensure colors are as vibrant and true just as you want. We consider our clients our friends and want our friends to do well and succeed, we want you and your brand to grow even more and we want to help where we can.

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If you are looking for the printing of custom boxes for your business or personal use and want some unique shapes and custom made boxes then, the boxes printed by us are made right for you.

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I love working with Design Media Service. the customer service is very helpful and quick, the art /design team is amazing . I am always happy with the results

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E-mailed with a question regarding the difference between a couple of products, and they responded quickly, answered the questions clearly, and were very polite. Great customer service on top of the great products, would recommend!

Good value, quick postage to receivers and great feedback from those that received them

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